My Big Sky 101

You are:

  • A high school student, aged 15+
  • Looking for insight, guidance, and possibilities for post-secondary options and careers
  • Willing to commit a total of up to 3 hours:
    • completing an online assessment (1 hour)
    • meeting 1-on-1 with Lori Stephenson to debrief the assessment results via Google Hangout or in person (2 hours) 

Results you can expect from My Big Sky 101:

  • A thorough understanding of your passions, strengths, learning style and other personal traits

  • A clearer picture of how to apply your unique qualities to your decision-making process, which will help to guide you in your future

  • The self-knowledge you need to consider your post-secondary choices in depth, through the use of powerful online assessment tools

  • A personalized report that's yours to keep, showcasing your unique assessment results clearly and in full to help you make more informed decisions about your future

  • The chance to explore your future in a one-to-one coaching session. You will engage in an individualized 75-minute conversation with My Big Sky coach, Lori Stephenson, focusing on your assessment data and educational options. Parents will join afterwards for a 45-minute review

My Big Sky 101
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